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Pat Kelman - Writer and Director

Pat Kelman studied at London University, specialising in Directing.

He has worked as an actor in the UK for Carlton, Thames and BBC1. He has performed overseas in film work for Pakistan, Sweden, Denmark, Holland and Germany. His feature films as an actor includes The Odyssey, One Hell of A Christmas, Laaj and Simon Hunter’s Lighthouse.

Pat has directed a number of shorts, is working on a television pilot and is in pre-production on his second full-length film, This Woman’s Work, filming 2005 on location in Cornwall.

encounters is his first feature.


Jonathan Reason - Producer

Encounters is Jonty Reason’s second feature production, after the thriller Red Mercury. An established actor and screenwriter, he has moved into feature films after ten years of successfully directing theatre and short films.

He has produced two highly rated shorts in conjunction with Encounters director Pat Kelman, and continues to be in great demand as an actor.

He has just produced the feature Camp X-Ray: Ghosts of Guantanamo, and is in pre-production on his first feature as director, For The Good of The People.

He lives in the Docklands, the central location of Encounters.